I’ve been fascinated in understanding consciousness for many years. My formal studies began 25 years ago, with a degree in psychology and a Ph.D. on post-natal depression.

Videoing hundreds of mothers and babies, I learnt about the intricate synchrony between them.

Around that time, in a little second-hand bookshop in Cambridge, I came across Liedloff’s “The Continuum Concept”, and my ideas about babies forever changed.

I started training as a Psychotherapist at the London Institute of Psychosynthesis - a model which focusses on the soul and the Higher Self. The front of the prospectus said it all; “In every human being there is a special heaven, whole and unbroken.”

As a post-doctorate fellow studying newborn babies, I was delighted to discover that these only-just-born beings were already making complicated perceptions and decisions. At the same time, being with adults as a psychotherapist in practice, I listened to many say that they had wanted to be really seen and heard as children.

Seeing these babies already learning and making choices and conclusions, and listening to adults wishing they had been listened to more, I knew that I wanted to support parents to be aware and clear, and to listen to and understand their babies and children.

At 30, I moved to Australia. I trained in HypnoBirthing, and soon became pregnant. I also trained in Private Subconscious-mind Healing, and shifted old beliefs about birthing, Welcoming deep trust in my body and my baby I gave birth (mostly!) unassisted. I saw how deep change in core beliefs about birth was truly possible, and how it manifested in the birthing experience.

I had learnt of Aware Parenting ( whilst pregnant; it resonated so much with all I had learnt in my research and psychotherapy training. I began to practice it when my daughter was three months old. I became passionate about what I saw happening for my daughter and I, and friends practising it, that I became a certified Aware Parenting Instructor. I loved that as I held her close and listened to her feelings, I felt my own relationship to closeness and feelings shifting beautifully too.

I’d learnt about Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc) in that first year of my daughter’s life. As she learnt to sign and speak, I learnt new ways of thinking and talking.

I love how my children have continually inspired me to learn and grow and evolve in a magical parallel process.

I offered calm birth to clients during my pregnancy with my son, and practiced it during his beautiful free birth. After my birthing experiences, I’m passionate about supporting women to connect with their power and passion and pleasure, especially around birth and parenting.

Before becoming pregnant with my son, I had come across The Field Project (, and when he was a baby, I became a Field Project Certified Facilitator. I love Field Training. It has brought me self-responsibility, joy, peace, relief, a sense of awe and beauty, effortlessness, trust in Life, and deep connection with More.

Used in the context of Parenting, in the form of Aligned Parenting, I have found shifts in myself and my children that nothing else has come close to.

My children are now nearly-12 and 7, and I love spending many of our hours together, having fun, enjoying life, experiencing wonder, and becoming more.

I love sharing what I have learnt and trained in - about connection, feelings, play, language, beliefs and consciousness, with other parents. I see parents all around me sharing their lives lovingly with their children, and I am grateful to be a part of the family of families evolving at this moment in time.