Aware Parenting consultations

"Dr. Marion Badenoch Rose has been the most inspiring of mentors to me. I don't know of anyone else in Australia with her depth of knowledge, training and ability to connect and support parents." Katinka, Queensland.

I am again offering Aware Parenting consultations by Skype and phone.  Please email me at for a pre-consultation questionnaire or if you want to find out more.  Sessions are $100 for an hour.  However, if money is an issue and you'd really like a session, please email me; I am happy to offer concessions.

I also offer shorter follow-up sessions if you are wanting on-going support.

I offer Aware Parenting home sessions for those who live in the Byron Bay, Australia area, and those who live in Sydney, when I come down and offer workshops there.

I am also offering Aware Parenting groups by Skype - these have three people in each group, last for an hour and a quarter, and run for four weeks.

Aware Parenting consultations ($100 for 1 hour);
Aware Parenting ongoing support ($80 per 1 hour session);
Aware Parenting follow up mini sessions (15 minutes for $20)
Aware Parenting group by Skype (email for info.)
Aware Parenting future Instructors Skype group (email for info.)




"I wasn’t one of those lucky mums that felt unconditional love first sight. I wasn’t even graced with it during my first seven years of parenting. I loved my children, but I was not able to feel it or show with consistency. I trudged heavily through daily life with an inner battle between the ideal of perfect love, and the repetition of what I had experienced my mum to be for me as a child.

          Then I met Marion. And my parenting changed in ways I didn’t think possible. In only two months I have learned to be the unconditionally loving mother that I always dreamed of. What a gift!  What joy!  Of course, I still have less graceful days, but now I often love myself unconditionally too, so it’s easier to forgive myself; I also know I get better at it everyday.

And what better news than knowing that unconditional love can be learned!"

Maira, Australia

"I have been meaning to email you and let  you know how we are going.... GREAT!!!

The change in Phoenix has been drastic, almost to the point of no grizzling or crying (apart from healthy doses!!) I am finding it so much easier to read Phoenix now and going to bed is a breeze!! He still has a bit of a cry and if the situation permits I am doing the laughter more at sleeping times.

He is SO happy, I feel so glad to see it as it must have been weighing him down so much and not allowing him to be free and light and happy!!! Oh and I have not seen one sign of "teething" since... WOW!!! Considering I was just thinking he was a terrible teether...

So THANK YOU once again Marion for your wisdom and help, you have changed our home :-)"  Nicole, Australia

Our child sleeps thanks to Aware Parenting! I know so many folks come here (to the Aware Parenting FaceBook page) desperately looking for help and support around sleep (we did!), sensing that their child's sleep is being disrupted by a need to cry and I wanted to check back in and let you know how much crying-in-arms has impacted us. Our son is now one and we went from months of waking every 1.5/2 hours "needing" to nurse to now sleeping for about 8-10 hours straight. And really, the much needed sleep feels like icing on the cake compared to the intimacy and trust that's been developed.

Particular thanks to Marion Badenoch for her expansion of Aware Parenting practices. I truly believe that shifting some personal beliefs is what got us through the final stretch as it relates to sleep. We still have tons of control patterns happening over here, and I'm not sure when the last time our son "finished" a cry occurred, but we're all sleeping enough now to compassionately explore such things. :)

Jennifer Gleeson Blue, USA

Plus -- for no extra charge -- you get to deepen your personal journey into both life and parenthood, your partnership and intimacy with your spouse and your mindfulness, self awareness. Ditto shout out to Marion Badenoch. Good stuff my peeps.

Scott Gleeson Blue, USA

We as a family, have been consulting with Marion for over 3 years.   During this time we have contacted  Marion with specific scenarios of challenges we have found.

On every occasion Marion has consulted in such a genuine and professional manner, drilling down and discovering what the 'real' issues underlying were and EVERY time the strategy we talked through of how to do things differently has WORKED :) 

We have a natural saying in our home now which stops us still in our
footsteps every time.  What is the need?  Once this is addressed (and it is mostly a physical and emotional connection needed) we move forward in our day.

Before Consulting with Marion...

We liked parenting, but we didn't love it!  We found many situations
challenging, and in our hearts we knew we weren't parenting many of our situations the way we really wanted to - by setting limits in a loving way.

We were conditioned to parent the way we were parented and we truly wanted to move away from this style with our children.  Challenging, however - achievable!

After Consultations with Marion...

We have FUN 90% of the time and we love it.  Our children are happy and now belly laugh until the cry.  I never dreamed they would ever do this. They are more confident when making decisions.  They even ask us to 'use our nice voices' when our voices are not sounding so nice to them!  We have an equal relationship with our children and they have the same with us.  We are building these loving relationships with our children we will have forever.


"Marion's empathy, warmth, perception and guidance during my Aware Parenting journey has been a gift beyond description. During my two Skype consultations and my one month email consultation, I felt as if she were in the same room as me, listening and guiding me through every daily concern of mine, helping me to be kinder to myself and to understand the value and gift of all those daily challenging moments, enabling me to be the kind of mother I want to be. I am so lucky to have had this experience. I feel grateful, amazed, hopeful, empowered and full of wonder... Who could ask for more than that?! I have grown in ways I did not think possible both as a mother, and as a human being. Working with Marion has changed me forever – I cannot recommend it highly enough."


"My one-on-one phone consultation with Marion was a fantastic, interactive way to add a new dimension to my understanding of the Aware Parenting philosophy described in Dr. Aletha Solter's books. I feel encouraged and supported by the knowledge that there is a local expert who can support us through our journey. We are delighted with the loving bond that we have been able to build with our baby, and in awe of his beautiful temperament, calm social nature and long attention span which emerged once we actively began following the aware parenting methodology."

Veronica from NSW.

"When our baby was around 8 weeks old we read The Aware Baby and realised that we needed to change our approach to crying.  We began to sit with him while he cried (instead of trying to stop him crying through rocking etc.).  We were finding this very challenging emotionally.  We had many questions and some concerns so we arranged to have some consultations with Marion.  Speaking with Marion was an absolute blessing.  Marion offered such wonderful support and guidance and asked just the right questions to help me gain insight into my concerns, allowing me to be more present with my baby.  One of the things that I think stood out the most when speaking with Marion, either by email or on the phone or skype was the way she communicates.  My husband and I both commented that we had never spoken to anyone before who's communication was so clear and thoughtful.  We are are deeply grateful to have Marion's support, insight and in-depth knowledge with us on our parenting path.  Best of all, Marion has helped us connect to the playfulness and fun of parenting."


I found Aware Parenting on the internet by accident when desperately searching for answers, real answers, to the challenges I was facing with my baby.  Since that time I have been on the most amazing personal journey.  The Parenting with Presence website has been like a lifeline.  I had a skype consultation with Marion during a particularly difficult period which reassured me that I was on the right path and gave me a boost of optimism and conviction to keep going.  Through Marion I have also joined an online aware parenting forum, which is a constant source of inspiration for me.  I feel so blessed to have found it and to be able to share things that are so close to my heart with people on the same wavelength.  Knowledge is not enough.  It's the ongoing support I get from the aware parenting community that keeps me going.  My son is incredibly sensitive.  If I had not found aware parenting I'm sure I would have had a nervous breakdown, and I can't bear to think what it would have done to him to not have the opportunity to express all his emotions all this time.  I thank him for persisting in having his needs met and I am reassured every day by the incredible bond between us.


"I am feeling a little sad that our month of support is drawing to a close…I feel as though we are really moving towards the next step as you say.  I suppose the most amazing part of our journey so far is how much deeper my feelings for my son and husband have grown and also how much more I am loving and appreciating myself as well….
Your heartfelt encouragement and wisdom has given us all the most valuable gift… that is, the courage to trust in ourselves and each other.  And as a result we have all been sharing in these amazing little moments of connection, laughter and love.
Please feel free to use any of our correspondence as a testimonial to your amazing support.  I have found the month of email support to be a wonderful way to explore our issues in more depth and your generosity of time and spirit has been most appreciated."

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