Marita's story

I am noticing changes already in Eli. by supporting him to cry …. He gives more eye contact, seems happier in himself. I am more relaxed too and enjoying him more. Mealtimes are more relaxed and he's eating more surprisingly
I bring more good news...

We are continuing to notice changes in [our son]. We have been amazed at his eating, he eats with gusto, cheer, making lots of happy noices and he can sit on the floor for a long period without getting grizzly. This is soooo different to before,

He is all round much happier...such a delight to be with. He is waking less and has been able to cry overnight and resettle without a feed. Tough times staying awake and present at 1am but well worth it.
He ….. is more engaging, more smiley and sat for about 15mins while I gardened today and played contentedly on his own with the peg/sticks/leaves without becoming impatient to be moved or picked up, seeing I was nearby.

Thankyou once again...I could not have imagined that supporting him to cry it could have made such a difference in him.