Chiara's story

I practice Aware Parenting with my two children and find it so effective. To me, it is a natural follow-on from the attachment parenting I practice.

It is my belief that this approach is so respectful and loving because it allows for the acceptance of all feelings to flow-not just the 'comfortable' ones. Time and time again my kids have demonstrated their inborn ability to heal from life’s upsets and chaos as long as I give them the loving space and encouragement to do so.
The serenity and joy I see in them after being 'allowed' to cry/rage in my presence astounds me. Their natural desire to help and to learn also shines through. I see them grow immensely as far as developmental skills are concerned.
The Aware Parenting approach has enabled us all to thrive in an atmosphere of emotional trust and to connect at a deeper level.  I am convinced that this is because all of their feelings are allowed a release in a safe environment.
After crying, (raging or even belly laughing), they even physically look different as all their pent-up stress leaves their little bodies. 

Daily events such as nappy changing, getting into car seats, getting dressed all become easier if they have released their feelings appropriately.  We all have developed an attitude of safety as far as 'negative' feelings are concerned because we now welcome all emotions.  I have noticed they don’t have nervous tension which would normally be evident in behaviour such as hitting, nose picking and compulsive eating to name a few.
The proof of  all of this comes in the practice.
To sum it all up, for me, Aware parenting has been one of the biggest gifts of LOVE I could ever give to my children. 

And myself.