Field Project Certified Facilitating

As a Field Project Certified Facilitator, I offer Facilitating for individuals.

Field Project Certified Facilitating ($100 for a session);
Poise sessions (15 minute follow-up for support in staying poised; $20)
Aligned Parenting group by Skype (email for info.)
Loving Being Me ongoing sessions ($80 per 1 hour session)

"I had a wonderful session with Marion Badenoch Rose of Parenting with Presence tonight. If you want to transform your core beliefs in order to transform your relationships (including with your children) then she's the woman to call or skype (from anywhere in the world). Such a gift!"  Angela, Sydney

Helena Mooney said of one of these sessions: "Just had an absolutely fantastic session with Marion Badenoch Rose. If anyone wants to shift beliefs that are no longer serving them or to step into your fabulous self, I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Marion! xx"

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Desire is a natural and vital part of life that calls us to ever-greater fulfillment, creativity, and self-expression.  Yet often we may be set against our desires.  At war with ourselves, we may not even realize that we’ve allowed ourselves to become creatures of habits long outgrown.  At such times, Facilitating can be an invaluable resource. 

A quick, powerful, and gentle method for clearing inner contradictions that give rise to suffering in various forms, including those related to parenting, Individual Facilitating taps our willingness and creative responsibility to help us shift into alignment, relief, joy, peace, and greater fulfillment. 

It also is useful for those who, while free of contradiction, are ready to take the next step in one or more of the four staging areas of life but may not be clear on what this involves.

Individual sessions are 45-75 minutes on the phone or Skype, and rarely need to be repeated.   The fee is $100

There are no prerequisites other than an open mind and heart, and the willingness to take responsibility to receive a better situation.


"During a recent Field Project Certified Faciltiating session on the phone, I experienced Marion as very gentle in her approach yet absolutely present and holding in a completely supportive way. It was as if everything I shared and came to know and understand through our conversation, was deeply heard by her.  Marion seemingly distilled my struggles and sharings through her transparent filters of senstitivity and absolute care.

I experience a deep embodied transformation during this session; of energy shifting and a profound new awareness of my old pattern and beliefs.  I also discovered embodied clarity, with sparkling light in my solar plexus, connection to myself and an expanded sense of my body being beyond the confines of my skin.  My experiencing of inner connection, has created space for my connections to others - to feel authentic. 
These moments have become anchors to remember and return to, bringing in the alive knowing from the past  (this transforming experience with Marion) into the present."


"What I experienced from the two Facilitating sessions I had was a sense of coming home to myself.  I felt gently and skillfully held and heard and trusted to know in a new and lighter way than I had experienced before in other modalities.  What I received from the Facilitating was new information about my identity that I had never known, or lived out before, but always known.  I am still integrating the depth of the two facilitating sessions I had with Marion and when I am mindful of the sessions and remember what I felt and learnt in them I feel again a sense of kindness, trust and hope in the direction I am moving in, in my inner and outer worlds.  I found the steps of the facilitating process really effective - a sense of movement, of a journey.  I felt like I could relax into the process because there were these clear 'steps' to do.  Like the form in Tai Chi!   That was something that I really enjoyed with the sessions, that feeling of clarity around how the session was proceeding."


"As I reached my mid-thirties I started to realise that just having an intention to change things in my life just wasn't working.  I always seemed to make the same mistakes over and over.  After my Facilitating session with Marion, I found that things started to shift for me.  She was able to guide me through what my core beliefs were, which even as an 'aware' person I was unable to realise on my own.  I found the Field Project Facilitating technique to be quite unique from other modalities.  It all became clear during the session how I could shift some lifelong beliefs.  It was an empowering process and the flow-on effect has been significant.  I'm so grateful to Marion's ability to support me through this process.  She listens with great depth and has a gift for seeing people and things for how they really are.  I felt really nurtured in her hands."


"I have had two Facilitating sessions with Marion and have found the process to be absolutely enlivening and empowering.  At the completion of each I felt bliss, joy and deep satisfaction.
The Facilitating sesson helped me in the most profound gentle way to uncover the patterns that I have been running in my life.  Marion helped me see that these patterns were protective and were part of a solution (not a problem) to my pain and distress.  With this knowledge and self-connection I have been able to re-wire my brain and to learn to make decisons from a space of fullfilment.
I often smile to myself when I am doing vigorous activity and I am exhausted and wanting to quit and I remember my deepest desires of  transformation and vibrancy! and then I have more energy to keep trying and to see the fullfilment of my dreams!
I really enjoy being able to tap in to the 'Field" and the unlimitd resources that this provides.   This process has deepened my spirituality and interconnectedness with myself and my loved ones and the beloved divine."
Gratefully and in awe,