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How To Choose The Right Hair Loss Shampoo for Your Kids

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Losing hair can be a very traumatizing experience. However, bad as it may be me, nothing can be as terrifying as noticing your kid losing hair.

But did you know that your kid’s hair loss might just be the result of using the wrong kind of shampoo?

Picking the most suitable shampoo is probably one of the best things you could do for your child.

Nonetheless, choosing that shampoo for hair loss is not always an easy task, given how many shampoos and hair types, there are out there.

This guide shows you how to do it.

Hair Types and their Best Shampoo for Hair Loss Oily Hair

If your kid has oily hair, then you should take two things into consideration;

  1. Strength – If your kid is losing hair, you should check to ascertain the strength of their hair. Oily hair works best with a mild shampoo. Since oily hair needs to be washed often to get that oily glow and shine, having a shampoo that is too harsh may be the reason for the hair loss.
  2. pH balance – Get a shampoo that is not only mild on the hair but also one that is not too acidic as acidic hair strips away the oil and makes the hair brittle.

Normal hair: If you have determined that your child has normal hair yet is still losing a lot of hair, then maybe you need to go the root of the problem, the scalp. Many children will lose hair if their scalp is irritated by their shampoo.

Scalp issues can often be treated by going for tea tree oil medicated shampoos. These are typically mild shampoos, which will reduce or even completely eliminate scalp irritation to stop the hair loss.

Dry Hair

For kids with dry hair, a moisturizing shampoo is what you need to go for. Get a shampoo that contains a lot of moisture and combined with frequent washing you may just get rid of the hair loss.

Avoid harsh shampoos or any with a lot of chemicals as these may dry out the hair and scalp even further.

Curly Hair Kids look good in curly hair, but naturally curly hair is also one of the hardest to maintain, leading to hair loss.

For this kind of hair, what you need is a moisturizing shampoo with a lot of deep root conditioning ingredients. What you are looking for in these shampoos are ingredients that contain a lot of protein content.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shampoo for Your Kid

Check for Scalp Health 

If your kid is losing hair the first stop should be the scalp. You can treat the hair all you want but if you do not balance it with the scalp, you will not solve anything.

Determine the type of scalp on your child whether dry or oily and then find a shampoo that is suitable for both their hair and scalp type.

Check for Acidity

Sometimes we may be tempted to use the same shampoo for our own hair on our kids. This is a huge mistake as what works for you may not necessarily work for the child.

You need to determine the pH level of your kid’s hair and their scalp before you put them on a shampoo regimen. Brittle and weak hair oftentimes results from higher pH levels in the shampoos that typically result in weakened hair follicles.

Try out a few different shampoos while checking the acidity levels until you find one that is a good fit for the child.

Determine Frequency of Application

Since you are using these shampoos on children, you may have to use them more often as children are more active. Given frequent use, go for weaker and lighter shampoos whose effect lasts for a shorter period.

Shampoos that recommend weekly or biweekly application are stronger and may weaken hair, and hence should not be used on the child.

Follow the Instructions

Sometimes hair loss may be as a result of not following the instructions of use of your shampoos.

Read and carefully follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer of the shampoo to get desirable results. Some shampoos recommend hot or cold water depending on the type of skin, and only doing as recommended will stop hair loss.

Go Natural

If your kid has been losing hair yet you have tried all the touted brands out there, maybe going natural is what you need. Shampoos made of natural products such as jojoba oil, green tea, and Aloe Vera are surprisingly good for both scalp and hair.

Other ingredients that have proven great for preventing hair loss include shea butter, soy protein, and egg.

Since they are natural, they are not too harsh on the hair and scalp, yet they provide much-needed conditioning and nourishment for the child’s hair.

While finding the best shampoo for your child could take some time, the dividends are worth it.

Start by determining the type of hair and scalp your child has, determine the type of shampoo that would be most suitable, and then find the brand that works for them.

Sometimes you may have to do some trial and error but once you find one that works, it is always better to stick to it.

If you follow the steps set out in this guide, it should not be too hard to find a shampoo that works to stop your child’s hair loss.

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